Google One

Google One

By Google

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2020-11-09
  • Current Version: 1.71
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 168.91 MB
  • Developer: Google
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 15.0
Score: 4.7374
From 22,399 Ratings


The Google One app lets you back up your phone and manage your Google account storage. • Back up the important things on your phone, like photos, contacts and messages using the 15 GB of storage that comes with a Google account. If you break, lose or upgrade your phone, you can have the peace of mind of knowing the stuff you care about is safe on the cloud. • See your storage across Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, and easily free up space within the app with the storage manager. Upgrade to a Google One membership to get even more: • Get as much storage as you need for your memories, projects and digital files. Choose the plan that works best for you. • Unlock enhanced Google Photos features like Magic Eraser, a new video HDR effect, and more. • Get extra security features like a VPN that encrypts your online activity and alerts if your personal information is found on the dark web. • Get exclusive access to Google experts for help with all of Google’s products and services. If you have a question or need assistance, our team of Google experts is just a tap away. • Share your storage with up to 5 additional people. This gives each person access to more storage from your plan, but not access to each other’s files.



  • VPN

    By Itzama Amaro
    I like that you offer a VPN, but can you guys add the option to add “secure Wi-Fis and cellular data” so it doesn’t activate the VPN at my house and just activate with other Wi-Fis? This will be nice to save battery I think
  • Can't disconnect vpn

    By brainwash01
    The only way I've found to disconnect the vpn is to uninstall the app. I couldn't even update without doing this.
  • VPN

    By The Critical Dump
    I’ve given it a go for over a month, but the VPN constantly disconnects on iOS. On desktop, it works relatively fine, but iOS is terrible. Constant disconnects, issues with quality of connection and speed, to the extent it won’t connect at times
  • VPN service keeps crashing on iPhone 13 Pro Max

    By premalf1
    Post iOS17 update, VPN keeps crashing and thus resulting in intermittent unconnectivity to the internet. This happens on WiFi or cell networks. Opened 2 support tickets w/ Google support team and this is still unresolved. Do not download unless you use the Google VPN service on non iOS devices also.
  • VPN functionality is so poorly implemented

    By KodeKabuki
    Firstly it seems to disconnect quite often. But what’s worse is if it’s struggling to reconnect and I just want to turn it off, it won’t just let me turn it off because it seems to need the internet to display the page where you can turn it off. How did they think that was a good idea?!
  • You don’t secure my account very well

    By Kyrebel19
    Over the past 5 years I’ve had my accounts gotten into me get locked out of so many so far in the past five years. They have taken my pictures taking my videos and if they don’t take them, they mess them up and blacken them because you didn’t secure my accounts. In my first account there are pictures and videos that I need to give to the law for these people stalking me. But can’t because there changed the number and I get locked out and I have my password. You have let these people do this to me for five years. You do not secure my account in here. I cannot play my videos now that I need to give to law but. Because Google not secure them, they have stalked me for five years and I can’t get to what’s mine and that’s my pictures. You have stolen them and let them steal them to. Google has let them do this to me and want give me my account. Even when I choose security questions. It doesn’t do then it goes straight to there is not enough evidence to prove it you. Pathetic google is
  • Google One: A Journey of Likes, Flaws, and Caution

    By product19
    As an avid user of Google One, I’ve had my fair share of experiences—some eye-opening great, others a bit frustrating. Let me break it down: The Positives: Google One has grown recently to become my trusty companion, especially considering the low-cost or no-cost options available. From work and other online projects to everyday queries, it’s been a lifesaver. Google One’s Impact: We’ve come a bit of a way together. Google One’s innovations have transformed how we search, communicate, integrate, collaborate, and access information. The road ahead promises even more exciting tech adventures. Not Invincible: But here’s the thing: Google isn’t invincible. It’s a tech giant, yes, but it faces its own challenges. No company is immune to flaws or hiccups. VPN Quirk: Recently, I stumbled upon a glitch with the Google One VPN via this app. It refused to connect until I bid it farewell. Not cool, Google. Please fix this! I have logged in and contacted Support and done my due diligence, yet the failure is still present. Even reading current reviews I see a user wrote over a year ago and his experience is what is still being experienced today this is frustrating, especially now when you’re paying. Love vs. Like: Do I love Google One? Well, not quite. I like it—a lot. But true love? That’ll happen when the tech can stop tripping over its own feet. Account Juggling: Managing multiple Google accounts can be like herding cats. Sometimes, it feels like my data’s doing a tango between accounts. A bit of a cluster, if you ask me. And scary doesn’t begin to describe it, where I feel that some information that you don’t want to share to another account the login and ”switch“ always offers a frightening adventure. You’re never too sure, again: proceeded with caution, always. Caution Ahead: So, here’s my word of caution: Google One is not flawless. Use its products wisely. They’re powerful but not infallible. Timing Woes: Yes, there are moments when Google One slows down my digital ventures. Be prepared—it’s part of the the world we live in today. Remember, even giants stumble. Google, keep evolving—I’m rooting for you! 🌟🛜🔍📱
  • Exceptional APP BUT...

    By chrisxion
    It messes with my wifi connection at home i had no idea what the issue was until i deleted this app because the VPN was interfering with my wifi stability so i have to download again and again please FIX. This ISSUE GOOGLE! I pay for this app!!! Fix it !!
  • VPN breaks wifi connection

    By 73672818
    sometimes when I connect to the VPN it will later in the day cause my wifi on my iPhone to say that my wifi does not have internet connection. this is definitely because of the VPN because it has happened more than once. I have to delete the VPN and restart my phone every time. please test this and fix it! other than that, I find google one to be superior to iCloud
  • VPN not working iOS 17.4 iPhone 13 Pro Max

    By kgvs72
    Keeps connecting and disconnecting.