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  • Sound

    By Best Match 3 Game Ever
    I play these games to have something to do while I listen to podcasts … this is the first game I’ve ever played that doesn’t allow you to run a podcast in the background while playing …. Not cool.
  • I used to really like it

    By smjfender
    When I first started playing it was fun. It used to give you a few extra lives for watching a video. It doesn’t anymore. Playing the same game over and over and over with no results is frustrating and maddening. The game wants me to make purchases, which I’m not interested in doing. What happened to the free stuff for watching ads??

    By awordfan
    I play this game every day! I love the fun yet relaxing gameplay and the visuals. It’s updated frequently, which is great! Too much pay to win, but I can enjoy it even without spending extra. Definitely a keeper - keep updating it!
  • Wonka

    By Gamer slab
    Mov I love this game the powerups the sound affects after winning the congrats talks just only a ne thing it’s not a lot of them but it’s the ads other than that you guys out done yourself with this
  • What I Think of Wonka Candy

    By Jabajabajajaba
    This game is rigged. You can’t advance and win stars without spending coins that you have to buy. I spent $30 to buy coins to play, and I still can’t advance.
  • Weird creepy ads

    By Pennnylane
    The game was fun and challenging but now it’s full of strange, weird ads, some are in Chinese. If you can read word close in Chinese, you’ll be able to exit those ads. The x to exit some ads are so small , it’s impossible to exit without the ad opening. Give the players a break and cut back on the creepy ads.
  • Coins gone!

    By Deli098
    I had 2025 coins (I know what I had!) and the next day, for no reason, it dropped down to 499. Where did the rest go??! I never used them. This game is good until you get to higher levels, then it’s meant for you to spend money!!
  • Greed was your downfall.

    By Cnvbawre369
    Stop making your game impossible to win. Games are supposed to be fun, not irritating. Everything in this game including the powerups are designed to work against you. Get new developers and fire the old ones, and maybe I’ll start paying real cash. I’ve been reluctantly playing this game for what seems like many years now and I’m only on level 747. On Royal Match I’m on level 4,361 and I’ve only been playing it for a year. Yes sometimes I pay cash to play, because that game doesn’t cheat me out of my play’s like this one does, and this game blatantly cheats no stop. So long story short, you will make more money the less greedy and irritating your game is.
  • No customer service

    By CruskoCrusko
    I haven’t heard anything from customer service since February 2019
  • Great but Golden Ticket games are not working.

    By williamson19
    Since last year i cannot play part where you get golden tickets. This has been downn since september. Whats with that