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  • The unicorn

    By Nagwau
    I love this game but it seems as though the same island keeps winning the unicorn despite several members qualifying for it
  • Don’t wast your time!

    By Touya’s Jaw Fragment
    I started the game, got to level 8 and bought the starter kit just for the game to reset!
  • Too many Cheaters

    By schlob
    Almost impossible to win any contest because the game has been completely overrun by Gem Mod Cheaters. It’s no fun trying to compete against players who have BILLIONS of free Gems because they manipulated their saved game file. Until you actually do something about ALL THE CHEATING the game won’t be successful.
  • Tired of the game freezing!!

    By kimber.d.b
    I have played this game since it was developed and had for the last few months. I have tried playing it and every time I login the game freezes on me and i am unable to play the game. This is very very frustrating as this is my favorite game troubleshoot it. I have contacted has singer support. I have done everything I can think of and it’s still every time I login it keeps freezing. Please get it fixed ASAP.
  • It’s like AI turned on itself

    By Word 777
    It’s so bad that it’s like being in the middle of an AI battle of bots.
  • Gems

    By Fjvnfjbnbutbutkd
    Why is there a limit on gems??? It is our money and how we chose to use it is our business…if you have to control everything it is not fun anymore
  • Updated version made everything tiny

    By sharris80
    The new updated version is terrible! The boxes are too small to click the x on now and it’s harder to read . If I could undo this update I would!
  • Josie

    By Just sie
  • Lots of issues lately

    By IdaleeDi
    I have played this game since its inception and it has been come very glitchy in the last couple of months. Pretty much after zynga was bought. I am also a stock holder and am concerned that games such as this are beginning to show a lack of maintenance. Many times lately I have not received rewards and then have to justify and fight for them to be given and often i do not get the reward I missed but some substitute they deem as valuable. Not sure what is going on but I will have to think about leaving if things done turn around.
  • Wait…what?

    By Cssteacher
    Kicked me out of a team I created, because I didn’t play for a month or so. Too many side games it is overwhelming. Bye