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  • Yet another match 3 style game

    By Nidane
    This game is mainly a match 3 style game like home/gardenscapes, or project makeover, or any other mobile game that COMPLETELY fails to show that in the advertising. It’s because the match 3 style game is so overdone it’s like beating a dead horse. The minigames is what they show in the ads and those minigames are few and far between. I’m pretty sure they know if they advertised what the game really was, they would get far less downloads. I appreciate the lack of ads, that’s a pleasant change, but it doesn’t make up for the lack of honest advertising.
  • Money scam

    By Cologirl4Jesu
    The game is really fun. That’s why I gave 2 stars. I read reviews that everything costs money. But what money you put into it only lasts a short time. Twice I bought the gold pass. Once it lasted 4 days. And the last time it lasted 1 day. The diamonds you earn are put into a bank that you have to purchase. Or you can buy diamonds that last for a short time. The game cheats. The games almost win so you have to spend diamonds to continue. Also the power ups are placed either where they don’t make a difference or together where both are exploded at once instead of spread out. They also get put where the oil covers them and when the oil is cleared it is not there. This is power ups that I even purchased. I have been playing for about a month and have spent close to $100. This game is addictive and you think you can get ahead but you’re always needing to spend money to keep going. Also when you move a gem or power up it doesn’t always move where you place it, costing you the game, so you have to spend diamonds to continue. It is endless. This game is all about making money and a lot of money. You should be able to purchase a one time fee for continued play. Or there should be a limit. I am deleting this game. It is giving me anxiety and costing me too much money.

    By Thedarkiestsoul
    Sure there is a little mini game replicating the ad but i came to eat fish in a huge sea of fish not play some boring candy crush knock off. Thanks for false advertising and wasting my time. For that the game is a 1 star for anyone who seen this game from the ad. You do not control a fish and attack/upgrade other bigger fish like some styled game. Instead you just simply decorate a fish tank and win coins from primarily playing a fish style candy crush game 0-10 sick of all these false advertising apps all the time on Instagram and Facebook/ social media
  • My aquarium

    By Gary37🎄
    It’s AI at its finest
  • Love it but begging

    By LAILA S REVIEW ☺️✨💕
    First off let me say this i love this game but these mini games are to fun please try to make a fame with just the mini games if you can but besides that i love the game so addicting 💕✨🫶🏽
  • Really a scam

    By worst wof
    I don’t really like it, after you download it, it totally is a scam. It looks fun in the add but when you download it, it totally is a different game. It’s just a boring matching game. 😾

    By Demareedjeanhoms
    I paid for my little nieces season pass yesterday so she can play on it and give me some time alone the next day she goes on the game and it’s a new season it’s 4.99 for a season pass and it should last more than a day she didn’t get through 4 levels with the pass because I believe you can get to about 10 levels then you get a season bonus but for some reason I helped her get to the season bonus and still didn’t give her an extra pass I suggested for her to download a new game but she likes this one for some reason it is cute having your own aquarium and on theme to the aquarium but why start a new season when she didn’t get through the previous one?
  • Too many forced pop up ads for in game activities.

    By Chet Hastly
    When you open the app after not playing for a while, it gives you a cool little fogged glass to wipe off with a sponge and item drops. Then you are force fed the event calendar, different events, different collections that you might be interested in. The problem is, that I’m not interested in exploring that if I’m missing out on coins or tokens of any sort. I don’t know much about creating video games, but I know that you shouldn’t interfere with the reward system. This app otherwise is really entertaining and the ads from outside parties aren’t that intrusive or annoying. Hope this helps.
  • Don’t buy the Gold Pass

    By Kcout714
    The game is really fun but I feel ripped off buy buying the gold pass and it getting taken away when the arbitrary “series” they were running ended. It lasts 2 days then they want you to buy it again. They don’t give out many rewards and that is really frustrating. You should be able to use the coins you earn in the game to buy things to help you.
  • Yasss

    This game is really fun and challenging plus when I say this Im not lying Or some bot saying this but the Minigames are actually real. They give you gems and money If this review seems messy I’m typing this on a small phone