Match Tile 3D

Match Tile 3D

By Loop Games Oyun Teknolojileri Anonim Sirketi

Score: 4.80697
From 25,006 Ratings


Match Tile 3D is easy to learn, fun to play. This game is designed for relax all your muscles, take down your daily stress, increase your memory abilities and have a great fun time with it! How to Play? All you need to do is tap on the same 3 tiles over the board Game has many different triple set of 3D objects that are designed to easy to memorize with great balance of tiles. We have a lot of great levels including; Cute animals sweet yummy food cool toys exciting emojis surprising new objects every week, all free. Features Relaxing game design and unique 3D objects to connect Well-designed brain trainer levels, help you to challenge with yourself Pause it whenever you want. Ready to play? Start with the play button and complete first tutorial level that take 10 seconds to teach you how to connect. Complete new sets of tiles to pass the puzzle. Challenge against time, improve your matching skills and train your memoria.



  • Could be better

    By Sildero
    I like to play this game when I want something mindless to do but it is overly glitchy and the amount of ads is staggering. I could perhaps tolerate them if they came after the game but it is constant during the game which breaks your concentration. After reading some of the other reviews about buying the game but still getting ads I don’t want to risk it.
  • Too many ads!

    By Martinsd
    The concept of the game is fun. Leveling up is quite easy and while adding just enough challenge to keep it interesting. Unfortunately, almost every time you complete a level, you are forced to wait out repetitive ads which totally kills any desire to continue playing. If the ads were shorter and less frequent I would likely tolerate them so I could continue with the game. Instead I have chosen to move on to other games that have a lot less or even no ads to disrupt play. I do not recommend this game.
  • Too many adds

    By janie3567
    I was playing level 22, and I had 4 ads in that one level (not multiple tries). This is way too much! Also, sometimes when it stopped for an ad, nothing came up for over a minute and there was no x to get off that screen. I went to another game after that minute! I would have given it at least 4 stars as the game is challenging and fun to play when the ads aren’t breaking in.
  • Nice game annoying adds

    By lilygk
    I like the game a lot but the ads are so annoying I can’t tell how much longer I’ll play it, unless I can get rid of the ads. Where is the option to pay for play without ads?
  • Fun, fun, fun

    By Pj4971
    Great way to while away a few minutes.
  • Very helpful

    By Blonde Widow
    Great way to improve eye-hand coordination
  • Match tile 3D

    By zamzim1
    This doesn’t return after the ads. When it goes to “Know. More”, it cannot be returned to the game. So annoying!!
  • Ads in middle of game

    By jumpupg
    I have never played a game where ads pop up right in the middle, too annoying for me!
  • Could be more relaxing

    By way way uptown
    I play to relax and the timer is not relaxing. Please give me an option to turn it off.
  • Fun Matching Game Even for Old People

    By Innokobird
    After spending years cleaning up children’s bedrooms, this is the game for me! Adequate speed and variety, make me feel like all the years of picking up kid’s toys paid off.