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  • Pretty good game.

    By XxCakelyn123xX
    It's a pretty good game except for the amount of storage it takes up, other than that it is a pretty solid and fun game
  • Take A Shower Bro

    By MrCoolMeme
    Ngl yall mad reek, i can smell you through the phone screen 💀
  • Good game but

    By chcucucyc
    Good game. But If you have a old phone,forget about it.
  • One of the best games I’ve played

    By deezydre
    Literally great
  • I love it❤️

    By i_lost_a_bet
    I would like to have a volcano in Ginshin impact
  • amazing!!

    By FnafFreakAsh1887
    when my friend first introduced me to this game,I honestly thought that it wouldn’t be a great game and that I wouldn’t like it. oh boy was I wrong,I have grown addicted to this game, the storyline, characters,and the details put into this is absolutely stunning! each new update and quest leaves me amazed,these little events make it much more fun. im glad I was introduced to this game. also I’ve got to say that the music is phenomenal! the amount of work and time put into the music is literally AMAZING! BRO ALSO I SAW CLIPS OF THE 2.7 UPDATE AND I THOUGHT XIAO WAS GONNA DIE- LITTLE SIDE NOTE!!!!!!! bro i have an amazing idea for the hydro archon! due to the fact that the hydro element is water (obviously) randomly came up with the idea of the hydro archon being a merman/mermaid/merperson? since ya know,water? I felt like that was an amazing idea! you obviously don’t hVe to but I just wanted to share this little idea I had<3 THE NEW SUMERU UPDATE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING,FROM THE NEW CHARACTERS TO THE STORYLINE IT IS AWESOME! ❤️❤️😍

    By Sadinia
    Best game . Iv been playing for 2 months now, i love this game i highly recommend
  • Luck pls

    By MintIsMe
    Luck pls
  • One star

    By ggffthbcsryjj
    Nothing much, just for rigging the game awards.
  • Cringe Anime Simp Game

    Don’t play this game if you value your life. It’s just going to mooch and bribe you until you’re just a puppet of its own whims. Instead of playing this trash, go play Angry Birds, it deserves best mobile game. Not this trash heap scam of a game.