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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-11-08
  • Current Version: 1.3.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 3.70 GB
  • Developer: Netmarble Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
Score: 4.68178
From 2,338 Ratings


Survive the darkness! ▣ Game Introduction ▣ Game Features A3: STILL ALIVE offers various competitive PvP battle modes that players can enjoy solo or with a group. ▶ Dark Presence: Open-field 100 vs 100 large scale battle mode with unrestricted PK between two teams in the darkness! ◀ Fight to survive under the darkness of a red moon. Beware! Your allies or guild members might suddenly become enemies! Try to survive the darkness with your team by defeating berserk players! ▶ Battle Royale: A survival game mode that ends with a sole victor. ◀ A real-time battle for survival where 30 players fight under the same conditions! Experience the tension that comes with fog of war as the battlefield shrinks with every passing moment. Earn rare and exclusive loot by becoming the final survivor! ▶ Soul Linkers: The next generation of battle partners. ◀ No need to fight all alone! Strategically select your Soul Linkers based on the situation to become the ruler of the battlefield! There are over 270+ different kinds of Soul Linkers sorted into 3 types: ATK, DEF, and SUPP. Become the ruler of the battlefield with the aide your Soul Linker's Ultimate powers! ▶ Guilds: Tackle various strategic battles with fellow guild members. ◀ [Conquest] Steal or be stolen from! Conquer more territory while battling the opposing guild! [Forte's Seal] Enjoy multiplayer mode with guild-exclusive raids! [Guild Festival] Participate in the festival in your guild hall with fellow guild members to acquire a number of Guild Chests that contain special items! ▶ Vast Open World! ◀ Explore rich environments such as snowfields, deserts, forests, and more! ▶ 5 Different Classes With Unique Play Styles◀ [Templar] A magical melee character who uses a hammer to draw the holy power from within and a thick shield to withstand oncoming attacks. [Wizard] A magical ranged character who uses a spellbinding ring to unload powerful attacks. [Berserker] A physical melee character who wields a great axe and a cursed power to pulverize the enemy. [Archer] A physical ranged character who uses accurate shots and agile movements to toy with the enemy. [Assassin] A physical melee character who dives deep into enemy lines to unleash a sequence of attacks. ============================================================================ ■ Product Info and Use Conditions Info ■ ※ This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device’s settings. ※ By downloading this game, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. - Terms of Service: http://help.netmarble.com/policy/terms_of_service.asp?locale=en - Privacy Policy: http://help.netmarble.com/policy/privacy_policy.asp?locale=en



  • Good game on iPad and iPhone. Not so good on a Mac

    By MacLoverPro9
    If you are looking for a touch based game with interesting characters and fun gameplay this is a good choice. I liked the customization of the playable characters and the storyline. The touch based controls are amazing on an iPad and iPhone. While this was made available for the MacBook, the controls are not as intuitive or enjoyable to use on the keyboard. Overall, this is a fun game to play if you like the fantasy genres of gaming.
  • Unstable

    By CornyX
    When my char auto battling in the dungeon then i play battle royale, the game always crash in the middle of battle, when i back again to play, my char already dead.
  • Good game but….

    By cellfaded
    Good but need to spend money to become strong.
  • P2w okay, f2p PLEASE DONT PLAY

    By Ms.Choksondik
    This game where it is pvp oriented (your toon can go around killing other toons while they are farming or not) and so theres a lot of shop products you can expensively buy and speed up your progress by a few weeks. The reason f2p is impossible is because the devs planned soul linker upgrades 5,000 white dia (over $100 usd) each and funny thing is when you upgrade it is randomized and what do you do? Use premium currency again to switch to the one youre looking for and use currency again to upgrade. Major donkeybaIIs. If you run out of hearts to revive currency. If you need more daily runs, currency... quests and pve aspects are hard since you cannot upgrade every so often unless you open your wallet wide.... this game has huge potential.. yet after 2 server merges and one more on the way in less than a year of release this game is rapidly dying (review as of june 2021) move on dont play this game. Wait for something better. It will come.
  • Whale warning

    By MrKaplain
    Great game but f2p don’t get your hopes up. Even those who spend in the hundreds could not be competitive in this game. It is a really great game but the gap between f2p and p2w has widened to the point that it seems pointless to move on. You grind and grind to get to 140, get the 140 gear, awaken it and then they come out with 160. It was 120 in January and 180 is already being played on the Korean servers. So, you can see the money pit that this game can become. Too expensive and everything is a gamble. One can easily spend $100 and walk away with next to nothing. It literally takes $1000+ to be competitive and this creates a toxic playing environment. But Netmarble seems to play on that by making people think if they just spend a little more that they can get revenge on the person that pk’d them while they were afk grinding. Seen it happen and it didn’t sit well with me. Great game and is a lot of fun until you start playing with the whales who can one-hit an entire guild of quality f2p players. Not sure how they plan to keep this game “still alive” for much longer. F2P is getting choked out with each update. They might as well charge a subscription and not even let f2p think they stand a chance.
  • Love this game BUT

    By Coldiyot lami
    The good and the bad ! Good - graphics are awesome in smartphone like iPhone I’m using. Some peps used PC. Daily rewards is good but it could be improved by shaking and get all the rewards, to much folders to open time consuming. Exp is fast from zero level to 110 the. After this level to 160 is kinda hard specially you pick archer as your avatar and grinding is slow and drop rate is still slow as title. Please help archer stringer like Berk, Templar and scholar. I find archers need more boost in power to match other avatars qualities. BAD- Ranieh’s protections please let this accumulate because I have tons in my mail box I can’t claimed and used. Any events right now it’s hard to get this events coins despite I played Thai game daily. Drop rate of if golds when you reached 120 is painful you always runout of gold to us despite’s farming night and day plus don’t forget the monsters codex to help you gained more strength and power so the delima gold farming or codex but are taking so long specially golds. Rare and superior ruin fragments , weapons and gears please do something about this we have a lot of this we can’t use unless we salvage this but we like to have same features in accessory were we can merges and change to stringer level. Apostles please give us alternative to farm this stones. Dark presence archer are vulnerable and easy to died against other characters and why? Doing party like Raid, rift, black crystal please let us hired or invites players outside our alliances because we are nit in same time zone it’s hard to get party to help do this events. Please bring back weekly rewards and add SL, acumen’s eggs, EXP, XP And gold. Plus your website were you want us to comments are in Chinese and no way for us to give comments since it’s all Chinese so go figure out. I’ll change my rating if I see this changes in the futures update.
  • Pay to win, unstable updates and constant crashes

    By TripleS77
    Saeldir update: I crash nonstop since this update and every other update prior to this. I just crashed 10 times in the last hour. Playing on an iPad or iPhone, it doesn’t matter, crash. The imbalance between pay to win and free to play is drastic, even if you try to purchase some to try to stay competitive, it doesn’t matter, the whales will one shot kill you. My main is an lvl149 Assassin in 140 Leg* Set gear too. I do not and will not recommend this game. Typical of all Netmarble games, especially Marvel Future Fight, everything is pay to play to be anything better than dirt. I say it’s time for a boycott in A3.
  • Server Merged

    By Noctis0527
    The game is nice but it looks like they trying to kill with this new server merge.. By putting all the whales in one server and leave the other server unbalanced..

    By Loaahie
    all i can say about this game is kinda mixed MU,DIABLO,and LOL.but I liked it! It’s Great Game and Awesome Graphics ..but my only concerned is they don’t have extra VAULT OR STORAGE Iike MU and DIABLO! Has!
  • New patch won’t download on iPhone 12 Pro Max

    By Ilovx
    Love the game but the patch on 3/18/2021 won’t download on my iPhone 12 Pro Max so I can’t play. Please fix.