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  • Time consumer

    By Blueorm
    This game can occupy all kinds of your time, like keep you from working kind of time, but it’s exciting, or can be if you actually play it out.
  • Not bad!

    By Hey bud dt
    Every time I open this game I get stuck in it for a while!
  • Nice

    By Bane of existence1
    The game is nice, having lots of fun.
  • Walmart version of State of survival

    By Brige0x
    If you like the idea of this game - play state of survival - at least with that game when you level up it replenishes your stamina to kill more dead armies and the mini games are better… this game is not it.
  • Design to empty your wallet

    By ilyMLIA
    This game is designed to empty your wallet. When you have made sufficient progress to feel you have built something, attacks empty your resources so you have to pay $$ for more. The game is designed to fundamentally exploit the user into the sunk cost logical fallacy.
  • Luther

    By Luthernancarrow
    Very cool game not been playing long but up to now I have enjoyed the game
  • Surprisingly ok

    By Yobrazdnikolo
    A rare instance where the ad is somewhat close to the gameplay. Yes there's shooting, but there's also settlement building and map grid based PvP & PvE. A good combination of all, balanced enough that it's a quick time killer without the anxiety of needing to check up on things every 5 minutes. Docked one star since in app purchases are plentyfull and seem underpowered. Specially paywalling "extra" builders permanently.
  • Too much for one game

    By Bill Teach
    I feel what holds this game is that it’s a feature creep which struggles to find its own identity. Picture every strategy mobile app game and it tries to do something akin to that. It’s a city builder, shooter puzzle, turn based strategy army builder thingy. Too much.
  • Trap game

    By meraj2
    The ads and the photos of the game are showing a little mini game of the actual game. It is just another one of those state games. Where you build up a state and join alliances then attack others to loot them. I played one in a long time ago, they waste a lot of time. Your army is almost all that matters, once someone stronger than you decides to attack you? You will end up having nothing in the blink of an eye. I recommend staying away from this type of game. The most annoying part is that they didn’t even show a single screenshot of the actual game.
  • It’s ok… at first.

    By Kenz83
    I liked the gameplay at first. The mini game where you shoot ghost pirates is kinda fun, in a “this is super easy and pointless” way. They start reusing levels pretty quick though. The main game is your typical city builder, where you build up your town hall and all your barracks and stuff. But as others have pointed out, build times get longer and longer exponentially. It very quickly turns into days of waiting for a building to finish upgrading. I think I played about 5 days before seeing where it was going and quitting. I honestly wanted to keep with it for the story, but even the mini game you can only play a handful of levels before it’s locked and you have to complete so many main quests before a few more open up. Also, it has very bad graphics. By that I mean layers of the graphics would blink in and out while in my camp. Specifically the water area. Mermaid’s hot though.