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  • False Advertising

    By InTheMiniVan
    Honestly how mobile games haven’t been sued for false advertising yet still amazes me. Its nothing like the ads, completely different and cery bad
  • IPhone users beware

    By Djehehhddbjejr
    Although this game is a lot of fun, apparently iPhone users can’t redeem any codes for free gifts items, etc. When searching online it has been years since this has been a problem and they have yet to fix it. At this point I have spent real money on this game before I found this out, the developers really need to get this fixed ASAP. It’s ridiculous.
  • Please fix notifications

    By Quiet Psy...
    The notification feature needs to be fixed. I get 5 notifications for one instance in the game, and it gets really annoying to get these one after another. Pretty great game other than that. I’d rate this much higher if the notification system gets fixed.
  • ( Update )

    By Jeffrestar APPROVED🌟
    Love the game, play it all the time! I only wanted to ask that in one of the updates can the developers have different skin for the incests we hunt, and different skin for them incests we can add in with the troop? For example all the spiders i hunt are white… all the hermit crabs are black, all the lady bugs are white with black dots, can we have a red ladybug with no dots? Lol i jokes but i only suggestion More colors in the game, that’s all GREAT GAME LOOVE it so much.
  • Please help

    By pls help please
    Look there is this task that says class building and takes me to a lot of options to click on its just that I have no idea what to click on and it’s so annoying please ad a arrow to the game because if I don’t have an arrow to know which one I’m supposed to click on o and have the arrow pointing to the one I am supposed to click on cause if you don’t do this I will quit your game and keep a terrible rating forever because I can not continue the game and i will never get better
  • We are just spending time and money to do daily chores

    By Ko Chit Minn
    All new features are for p2w players. The Godzilla event is such a disaster. The whole game is now a collection of daily chores that take you at least 2 hours everyday to complete. Even if you do all the chores, a p2w player can easily destroy you. Such a piece of garbage. Secondly, this game is a collection of programming failure. A lot of daily tasks involve mindless repetitions that can be simplified by, for example, one-tap batch-collect/refill features, but the developers simply leave players wasting time on doing chores. Third, the availability of essential resources like exotic and orange shells is limited. It makes it impossible for f2p players to enjoy the game since the game just stagnates and turns into a huge freaking collection of unrewarding chores.
  • Mixed review. 2.5 stars

    By Badge406
    I could easily rate this a 2 star, but gameplay and constant updates brought it up a star. Biggest issue: The non-English speaking players have purposely grouped up and are pushing english players out of the game and chatrooms. Two good alliances have broken up within the last day because of this. It’s something blatantly admitted in this game and is having an effect. In my opinion a Spanish channel should be added. Also, the ads are REALLY annoying when entering the game (trying to get micro purchases in),
  • Boring

    By Javian23
    The game was very boring
  • Amazing!

    By zTwilightPheonix
    This is my second review, and things are still looking up! Amazing graphics, awesome mechanics, everything is great! I only have one suggestion. Perhaps the possibility of gathering water? When sending troops inti the world, maybe we could find tiny pools of water to gather? Thanks, and awesome game. 😊
  • Don’t get your hopes up.

    By Grand Word
    I tried this game because I wanted to have a normal distraction. Where I can put down the game whenever and pick it back up again, right? Well 30 minutes into the game right after being forced to join an alliance the game disconnected from serve. I was about to spend the money but naw. I’ll choose something else.