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  • Not the Same

    By It's the Big Boi 25
    I used to think this app was perfect until they implemented Daily Passes. Now I can’t binge read any of my favorite completed series or the Daily Pass original stories. A lot of completed series are over 100 chapters long so it will take me over a month to read one series.
  • Shut down?!

    By Sk360
    No internet connection it’s says even though I am connected to my WiFi at home or at work? Also with my own data it’s the same thing? What’s going on? Is it my own phone?? Or the system having problems. This never happened before!
  • Disappointed

    By KelsoWin
    I am becoming more and more annoyed by this app. I keep getting notifications that another episode has been unlocked to find none. I know that there are available episodes but the release date keeps moving back. One of the comics I am reading has 6 chapters that I know of, I am still in chapter one and have not had a new episode become available in 2 months. If I could find the comic elsewhere I’d switch. It keeps telling me new episode in 18 days. Why not just give me an episode every week since I am so far behind?
  • Need Faster Way to Love a Comic

    By Rho232323
    I love WEBTOON, it’s amazing, because the creators are amazing. So, PLEASE give us a faster/better way to love an episode of a comic then clicking exactly on the little heart in the corner, that goes away if you don’t get there fast enough. A double tap function would be great! It’s super important that we be able to let the app know what we like, as that’s how creators get traction. Make it easier for the readers to share our likes!
  • amazing app

    By zeldalife2007
    I love the app but i think they should remove the one free episode every day it’s so annoying
  • Good app but horrible bug

    By 🌼🐝 Buzzybee 🌼🐝
    Amazing app :) I like to be able to read millions of comics of all different genres but my webtoon never loads ads? Like it’s been a full week and I still can’t read an episode because it won’t load an ad :( have tried everything on the internet and it just never works :( fix this bug please
  • Adds everywhere

    By Dhjffrrytesgjkbdsxnkgc
    Maybe I am doing it wrong? But the adds were super aggressive and distracting.
  • good but no sync

    By abbylhardy
    i use both my iphone and my ipad quite often, and reading webtoons is a pain now since i cannot sync my progress between devices. i am signed in on both— but that on syncs your coins and series as opposed to my progress in them. please make it so when you log in with your account, your reading progress is saved and you can transfer between devices!!! i have found something that works in the meantime but it still isn’t the same
  • Webtoon if for you!

    By 'O+O'
    If you like to read, went on is for you. If you don’t like to read but love art, webtoon is for you. If you don’t love reading or art and are just bored and need something to do, WEBTOON IS FOR YOU!
  • Needs updated tagging/sub category system

    By klmarcasso
    Webtoon should have an updated tagging system or sub category system for filtering BL/GL/LGBTQ/Hetero love in the romance category. I know there are mixed reviews about this, but I also know many others feel the same, so hear me out. First off, I LOVE Webtoon. I love seeing so many different beautiful artists’ work, and I could read romance on webtoon ALL DAY. I’m giving 4 stars just because I do seriously love this app and all the beautiful art people put out for the world to see, but it does need improvement. LGBTQ representation is great. I have absolutely nothing against the presence of these comics, but as a non queer person it’s not my cup of tea and I want to be able to read heterosexual romance comics—but it’s freaking hard to find. Some people like to read queer romance, but I personally prefer non queer romance. People may call me a hater for trying to “separate” love if it’s all love, but I don’t hate queer love—it’s just not what I prefer to read. Again, I’m not saying LGBTQ comics should be their own category or separated from heterosexual love because it’s “not as good” or “not normal”—it would just be cool if non LGBTQ romance was easier to find as someone who is personally not LGBTQ. LGBTQ romance makes up the majority of comics in the category of romance. It’s basically like GL and BL make up 97% of romance on Webtoon, making it extremely difficult for non queer people to find the 3% of non queer romance. That said, I think adding tags to separate hetero love from BL or GL would not only make it easier for non queer people to find non queer romance, but people could also pinpoint GL or BL if they are looking for one kind of romance specifically. This could be done with a tag system or with sub categories. And if it’s too much trouble to separate all the LGBTQ love into different sub categories, then leave it all together and make Heterosexual romance a sub category. I don’t care if straight romance is a sub category or even a minority, as long as it’s easier for non queer people to find. Sincerely, someone who gave up entirely on canvas and looking for comics to read just because non queer love drowned in the 97% of LGBTQ love.