Enigmite's Prophecy

Enigmite's Prophecy

By DianDian Interactive Holding

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2022-05-25
  • Current Version: 1.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 407.77 MB
  • Developer: DianDian Interactive Holding
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
Score: 4.44705
From 85 Ratings


◆ Journey into a mesmerizing fantasy Hard times have come. You, Wisla, must fight to lift a deadly magical enchantment on your sister which has spread through the land. You have no choice but to brave a path to the "Fountain of Life". Fate will not allow you to undertake this journey alone. Indeed, you will cross paths with a Mysterious Girl capable of bending the laws of space and time. She will reveal secrets of the Ancient Elves... and wants to give you a chance to change Promethea's destiny. ◆ An inspired blend of classic puzzle + RPG gaming Get ready to enjoy one of the most enjoyable takes on the classic puzzle genre anywhere. Mix and match combos (e.g. sets of three, crosses, one-of-a-kind, and other special combos) to gather Energy and win battles. Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test as you charge up your hero's Energy levels by clearing Gems. Race to accumulate Energy by mixing and matching Gems to cast special Skills to turn the battle in your favor. Experience an amazing visual buffet of beautiful special effects, battle animations and thrilling RPG-style combat. ◆ 100+ gorgeous crafted heroes to choose from Our team has spent countless hours bringing hundreds of models to life across a huge range of actions and poses. Five major clans and classes to choose from provides each hero with a unique contribution. Get to know your charming heroes by unlocking clues revealing secret backstories and the complex entanglements and "Bonds" between some. Each has a story to tell. ◆ Fully voice acted for a highly immersive experience Watch on as a truly original fantasy epic comes alive before your eyes. Nearly a million words of story authored over 2 years of composition have been brought to your screen. The story and each of the 100+ hero characters have been brought to life by our voice acting team. ◆ A game of depth and variety Sky Island - Become the master of a mysterious relic left by the ancients; gather resources to craft combat items and enhance your Chimera. Prepare yourself well against this dangerous world! The Forgotten Land - a casual fast challenge mode with bountiful rewards for the skillful! Join forces with other players in PvE modes ("Spar" and "Guild Dungeon"). Defeat powerful bosses and earn bountiful prizes! Take part in 1v1 and 3v3 PvP Arenas to test your mettle against other players. Climb through the rankings for the ultimate prize! Spacetime Domain - a "roguelike" scenario where you rewrite the fate of Promethea with a trip through time... The Memory Corridor - travel back to witness the formative experiences of your unique heroes. No fate but what you remake! Get in touch Official website: https://enigmite.centurygames.com Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Enigmite.Global Support inbox: [email protected] ※ This software is offered as a free game but contains the option of in-app purchases of virtual tokens, items, etc. Please exercise discretion suitable to your interests and abilities in the purchase of the aforesaid. ※ Remember to monitor the amount of time you spend on gaming to avoid excessive play or situations that may otherwise affect your ability to engage in suitable rest or physical activities.



  • It’s okay

    By NYX/NYX
    It’s a fun game cross between Empires & Puzzles and League Of Pantheons. Needs more improvements to be snappy fast and get rid of some unnecessary pop-ups, ads for events that won’t close unless you visit the page. With other games already established with strong followers, every new comer should be fast at fixing bugs for better user experience to gain traction and leave a good impression. Good luck to the team. I hope you guys are taking notes at comments from gamers.
  • Good first impression but tired mechanics kill the game

    By fevers_end
    Initial impression was great - beautiful artwork, lots of freebies, relative ease of obtaining resources, different gameplay “modes”, various ways of enhancing/advancing your characters. I will admit the first few days were fun. However, the honeymoon period wears off and things become… less great. The main issue is that for a game that primarily relies on Match-3 as its gameplay, the grid remains the same, making it boring after a while. At times, it feels like you are at the whimsy of the procedurally generated board rather than relying on skills. And while there are certain “challenge” modes, some of them don’t make sense (for example, only being allowed to use a single element while not being able to use items- which really doesn’t make sense in a RNG match-3 game). Additionally, while the initial few days are flush with resources, you essentially hit a resource-wall afterwards, meaning it’s difficult to keep interest. Some aspects are also just sloppy. Several translations are either awkward or unclear, with enemy mechanics being extremely opaque (example - why do certain enemies dual attack or attack out of turn despite not having any status indication?). Other things are not game-breaking but are potentially enough to distract you from enjoying the game. For example, while the game attempts to keep interest by introducing several “mini-game” type modes, some of them aren’t… well-done. For instance, a timed-target tap mini game was extremely susceptible to lag. Another example is that special anima have similar icons so it’s easy to forget which effects they have - again, you can eventually figure it out, but things like this should be more obvious for easier game play. Overall, this game does show initial promise and I do applaud them for the depth of artwork, voice-acting, and for giving lots of freebies. However, when it comes to the actual mechanics and gameplay, the game rapidly becomes boring and tired, making it easy to lose interest.
  • Tutorial is TOO LONG

    By Youknoooooo
    The tutorial is too long. You give me a free 10 character summon but wont let me take 5 ppl into battle because tutorial. Doesn’t take 4-5 battles to show the same match 3 mechanics every game has. Tutorial should b 1-2 stages max. Not to mention the skip story feature has a cooldown timer. Interesting game with a lot of annoying and pointless features.
  • Please add an option to turn off the “hints” I scream from the rooftops

    By sadaboutspellbook
    Every so often I want to try and enjoy a match 3 style game and every time I try a new one for some reason there is no way to turn off the obnoxious, intrusive hint system. It’s a match three game. The genre literally exists to be easy. And there is nothing wrong with that! But nonetheless I cannot fathom how stupid the devs must think I am if they won’t let me look at the board for a single fleeting moment before making a gem pulsate and flash as if to say “swipe here, moron.” Have some faith in your players, and if not at least put in an option to turn that stuff off! Anyway the game is pretty standard anime fantasy mobage fare otherwise. You play as Bobby Anime, the chosen one who makes a pact with a mysterious anime girl to right the wrongs of the world. You collect bad units from the story and can roll for better ones from a merciless gachapon system. The rates are about average. so if you enjoy that sort of game you will probably enjoy this one. It’s a standard gacha game with a match 3 gameplay loop. Open the gacha, see if there is a character you like enough to justify the memory on your device, and if so there you go. There is comfort in familiarity and if you just want to turn your brain off and enjoy a gacha game this one will do it for you. All that said I will never give a match three game that doesn’t let me turn the hint system off immediately anything but 1 star on principle at this point.
  • Crash

    By Laiiioooo
    Crash after seeing retro.
  • Very unpolished

    By Junra
    After the update the arena is completely broken after entering a match it stays in the loading. The constant slow down continues and crashes. Pls fix it
  • Updated review :3

    By Moko Mokochii
    Issues on not being able to enter the game anymore, blank chat and guild page seems to be fixed for me thank you for listening devs 🥺
  • Deleted

    By MidKnight969
    Made by idiots? My name I use on every game is a banned word? MidKnight is a banned name? Guess you don’t want me to play your game or spend my money on it. Annoying tutorial too.
  • Bad game

    By Christine257
    The game started out fine, but the last update ruined it for me. 1 day cool down to swap heroes in temple of spacetime is extremely unreasonable when the game itself requires different teams to clear stages. I had been playing since launch and was planning to play for a while, but decided to delete after the latest update.
  • Awesome match 3 plus Idle game

    By Greywolf McGrowler
    Something you’ll rarely see is a match 3 with idle game modes. There is a lot to do and the drop rates are pretty good. A lot better than most in my opinion. Been playing for about 2 weeks, and as a ftp person I’m holding up pretty good and really haven’t come across many walls. When I have I usually get past it the next day. It’s still early in it’s release and the devs have been working with everyone to optimize the game. Great support and great game