Wild Frontier: Rage West

Wild Frontier: Rage West


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-05-08
  • Current Version: 1.5.12
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 369.55 MB
  • Developer: 37GAMES
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
Score: 4.28254
From 768 Ratings


Who's the Talk of the Town! -- A western-themed strategy game! Wild Frontier is set in the Western United States during the late 19th century, a wild and free era in which bullets and blades do most of the talking. On the untamed land where outlaws, lawmen, gunslingers, cowboys, and the Native Americans roam, you, as the mayor of a newfound town, will need to lead a group of settlers to survive and thrive in the West. Features - Wild West themed stories unfold. Make your dream of conquering the West come true! - Meet Wild West beauties who will keep you company and give you support. - Real-time strategy gameplay that requires your wise decisions. Make allies or declare war? Your choice! - Hire unique Wild West heroes who will lead your army into the battle of fame and wealth. - Build an alliance and conquer more territories; capture resources and defeat outlaws. Work together to dominate the West World. - Alliance chat, group chat, and voice chat. Plenty of options to communicate and discuss tactics with your friends. - Start from a small town and turn it into an empire. You are the chosen one. - Make enemies or friends with players from all over the world with a diversity of cultures and languages. Follow Wild Frontier fan page and stay up-to-date on the latest events. https://www.facebook.com/WF.37Games/ [Notes] Wild Frontier is a free-to-play mobile game with in-app purchases. According to 37GAMES' Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, this application is not intended for use by users under the age of 12. A device with internet access is required. Help Do you need help? Feel free to contact us via the in-game Customer Service or send us an Email: [email protected] Privacy Policy: http://support.37.com/en/about/privacypolicy Wild Frontier provides subscription services. Become a subscriber to enjoy exclusive boosts and rewards! INTRO 1.Content: Subscribe to unlock boosts including Build Cost Down, Hospital Cap Up, Troop Casualty Down, March Size Up, Stamina Regen Speed Up, etc. Subscribers can also claim heaps of rewards on a daily basis: Resources, VIP Pts, Training Speedup, Mayor EXP, Hero Badges, Chocolates...You name it! Oh, subscribers will also receive a bonus when purchasing daily Super Deal packs. 2.Subscription duration: 1 month 3.Subscription price: $29.99 4.Payment: Via your iTunes account 5.If you are a subscriber, within 24 hours before your monthly subscription expires, the subscription will be automatically renewed UNLESS you manually cancel it before then. 6.To manage and cancel subscriptions, please head to Settings - iTunes Store & App Store - Check Apple ID - Account Settings - Subscription. 7.User Agreement: https://gpassport.37games.com/center/servicePrivicy/service? 8.Privacy Policy: https://gpassport.37games.com/center/servicePrivicy/privicy? In-game Pop-up Window 1.After confirmation, the subscription payment will be made via your iTunes account. Price: $29.99. Validity: 1 month. 2.If you are a subscriber, within 24 hours before your monthly subscription expires, the subscription will be automatically renewed UNLESS you manually cancel it before then. 3.To manage and cancel subscriptions, please head to Settings - iTunes Store & App Store - Check Apple ID - Account Settings - Subscription. 4.Please read User Agreement and Privacy Policy for more details.



  • Avoid

    By Ralph in NYC
    Constant lagging, glitching and developers who don’t give a rat’s as* about anything but selling you more amd more makes this game worthless. Was great at the start then went all downhill when it’s developers gained their Kurt and greed for a dollar but give zero back.
  • Pay to play

    By Bobby Sayre
    Pay to play game. There are many who buy so the chance for game growth is very small. Constant excuses from developers, always asking for more time. I’ve played for over 2 years, game has always had major glitches which cheat players out of power and resources, to complain to developers is a waste of time, they only care about the players who are buying. So in conclusion, fun game if you want to buy packages weekly, but other than that there are many others with the same layout, make your own choices.
  • Don’t play it..

    By Fett Slave1
    In the last 2 months the developers of this game haven’t bothered to fix issues with the game. Multiple fix-it tickets sent in with nothing being fixed. From the alliance store, state chat, game freezes and lastly alliance chat, you can’t buy anything in the alliance store or as a leader in an alliance you can’t restock. State chat has freezing issues. There are objects on the state map that have been glitched for 2 months and won’t reset. Developers have not been doing up keep, save your time and money. So many players have finally given up on the developers doing anything to fix it and have quit. They are just trying to squeeze any money out of it as they can without actually doing any work.
  • Developers have abandoned. Don’t play

    By Dakaria S23
    It seems that the developers have totally abandoned this game. There are large problems and events that are broken and have been for literally months and they are making no effort to repair. They don’t even send out mail to let you know what’s going on nor do they send out compensation for the massive amounts of loss that we have taken due to the broken events. Also this game is highly geared to making you spend money, example a while back they added new better hero’s to the game however there is no way you can earn shards at all, the only way to get them is $250 per hero! The Alliance store has been broken for over a month now and that hasn’t been repaired. Many people have quit the game so the States are dying and for those trying to hold on your playing in a ghost State. We have all sent ticket after ticket and the answer each time is we are working on it.
  • Horrible Customer Service

    By AdviseMePlease
    The developers made mistakes during an upgrade. Players exposed some glitches and utilized it to their advantage. I’m doing so the developers banned those players. Multiple of them have reached out to get their account back and have been denied.
  • Wild frontier

    By Chuckbrown777
    Great game , love it
  • Well put together

    By SloozeberrieStu
    Great game, good progression. Easy to play.
  • Poor game function

    By aceinone
    They have loaded their server up with so much useless game add ons that the game is virtually unplayable. Freezing and lags, sometimes as much as 15 seconds. It’s hard to go into battle with these kinds of problems. Not taking into account the game crashes several times a day. Also if troops disappear after healing them there is no way to recover them and support will not help. This game has the worst customer support of any game that I have played!
  • Wild hog

    By nlsnnc
    Really nice game.
  • Horrible Customer Service/Server Issues

    By LockUp4875
    I’ve been playing for a few months now and have even spent money on the game. I’ve found issues with the game and customer service is no help, never responds. The game is down quite frequently lately for one reason or another. It’s currently been down for 13 hours as I write this review. This is in the middle of one of their biggest events in the game.