Jurassic Tribes

Jurassic Tribes


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-12-11
  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 210.21 MB
  • Developer: 37GAMES
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 7.0
Score: 3.60967
From 269 Ratings


Gather your sticks and stones because words won’t hurt anyone in here Jurassic Tribes. As Chief, you must lead your tribe to victory in real-time battle against players from all corners of the Earth! Chiefs aren’t just mere war commanders though, make sure to develop your territory. Construct buildings, train units, breed feisty plants that defend against attackers and even tame the Jurassic periods most fearsome creatures...DINOSAURS! Sharpen your weapon of choice, saddle up on your mighty beast, and head to battle! For the glory of your tribesmen and to recapture the lands lost to enemies! Features: · A Large Open World Explore massive lands filled with resources and treasures, encounter dangerous cannibals and dinosaurs. · Sauroi & Saurpets Recapture the lost lands and tame mighty dragons and dinosaurs that grant remarkable support in and out of battle. · Build an Alliance Fight alongside your allies from around the world with the help of real-time translation. · Global Server Feeling a bit lonely? Your free to relocate your territory next to your friends in any region! · First-rate 3D Graphics Feast your eyes on beautifully crafted battle scenes that you have never witnessed on smart devices. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JT.37Games/ PLEASE NOTE! Jurassic Tribes is a free-to-play strategy game, however, you can also buy some in-game items with real money. Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to play or download the game. A network connection is required. SUPPORT Having problems? For questions or support, we are here to help! Please email us: [email protected] Privacy Policy: http://support.37.com/en/about/privacypolicy Terms of Use: http://support.37.com/about/termsofuse



  • Openly allows sexual harassment

    By Muddyprincess
    Allows a player to sexually harass people and stalk them outside of the game using the Jurassic Tribes FB page to find people in real life. After over 40 screen shots being sent to them as proof of the harassment they continue to allow it to take place and don’t punish the player or ban them as they should. They lie about banning her to try and silence me but when she continues to curse at me and other players it is obvious she is not banned or even muted as they claim. Don’t play this game unless you support and encourage sexual harassment! A year after joining I log in and the criminal is still allowed to play....they only care about money
  • Ruined the game

    By mheydrich
    With the merger of regions you have ruined the game for players that aren’t going to spend money. You have lost and will continue to lose downloads and will become another lost developer. You have no formula or survey to back your ignorant decision to merge regions together. You have placed a few in a tier of their own to rule the game, some I would almost guarantee are among your own staff. You allow the complete destruction of ones hard work and patience in the game in hopes of gaining another deep pocketed individual.
  • Progress gone

    By Hosgood24
    I had spent at least 20 to 50 dollars on this game... one morning I wake up and it’s all gone... I got restarted!!! I want my money back!!!
  • Hey

    By Countrygurl1789
    Soo I like this game a lot and it’s fun to play but I can’t get back on the game and I hope u guys fix the game
  • Trash

    By MILnfinity
    Straight up trash game
  • If I could give 0 stars I would

    By Sharklord120
    There is simply no late game in Jurassic Tribes without a massive amount of spending. Here are some examples of how much you can expect to pay if you are truly interested in a full play through. In order to get high rank gear, it costs $25 per “gear blueprint”. It takes 12 blueprints to make a full set of gear, costing a total of $300. In order to progress through higher level battles against Dino’s or cannibals and especially against other players, this gear is absolutely imperative. You are simply hung out to dry if you choose not to purchase these items. If you were to choose to spend money on something else, such as speeding up late game builds, it would be hundreds of dollars for a single upgrade. To give you an idea, it would cost me 80,000 gems, roughly $250, to finish the current structure that I have already half way completed. The top players in my alliance have spent thousands, with some spending as much as $10,000+ only to have players who are still DOUBLE their combat power show up every few weeks to wreak havoc. This game is simply not meant for casual players. Steer clear before you are tempted into spending unnecessary money.
  • Ok...

    By Oml123lol09876543333
    This game is fun...well for the people who have a lot of money this game needs money if you want to get further in the game...witch I don’t really like cause a lot of people don’t have as much money as others. I’m not calling them poor but they don’t have like $100. You would regularly need about $30 to $25 to get far in the game that is what I really suggest you to fix. If you will this game would be soooo much better for everyone thank you for making this game just please fix this suggestion. So by far I kind of recommend it..if you have time for paying. I would give it five stars if this was fixed. But over all I enjoy the game❤️ I’d also really like it if you responded👍🏻?
  • Great game but P2W

    By SynGates24
    Awesome game, no complaints there. But it is heavily guild based and P2W. You create your base and grow but will get burnt up by someone bigger unless you’re able to get on multiple times a day to shield up. Each kingdom has people who drop thousands on the game, and since they pay the most, they’re the biggest and pretty much run the community. You can play F2P but you *will* be at the mercy of the guys who pay, unless you can get on to shield 2 or 3 times a day. That said: It’s still a TON of fun but only if you’ve got time and possibly the $. The little world that is built and community as a result is as cool as you’ll find.
  • Great game I am level 23

    By tazam_2000
    Here is the problem unless you get into the bully tribe of that server you won’t level. The bully tribe is the strongest tribe on that server and they don’t let any other tribe collect level 5 tiles. So with that it takes a higher level like myself a level 23 forever to do anything. I wish they would scatter level 5 resources outside of the middle also to give more chance to level then be bullied and told you cant collect level 5 or we will kill you. Then there is the fact someone with a cp level of 500,000,000 can attack a guy like me with only 50,000,000. So needless to say you’re going to die he wins. Yes my poor butt is sore think he used a cactus anyway. Other than that it’s a really fun game. It is free to play but to have a fighting chance open you wallet and join the wallet warriors. Wish they would scatter the resources like the dinosaurs oh that would be a whole new ballgame. Also put caps or nerf the big players give us a chance. Instead of always having to waste our resources on reviving our troops then we could use the resources to build and level up. Such a good game but need to work these things out. I play brutal age good game. Shaiya fun rift fun elder scrolls fun go look at them games all 5 star games and yes also free to play pay to be better. Thank you for your time hope this helps you out.
  • Pay to Play

    By Spaetzle cat
    I don’t recommend this game. Too much pay to play, and unless you have a lot of money you are not going to get much of anywhere in the game. It used to be fun, but the devs have screwed everyone over by making it 90% of everything something you have to pay for. Also there tends to be a lot of drama if you start to be come close to your tribe members, so if you do play it’s best to not talk to others and just stick to yourself.