Game of Sultans

Game of Sultans

By Mechanist

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-08-04
  • Current Version: 2.9.07
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 676.53 MB
  • Developer: Mechanist
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
Score: 3.96628
From 14,411 Ratings


You are a king! Now rule like a king! Game of Sultans is an exciting new empire simulation RPG game in which you get to experience the life of a Sultan – a king of Europe and the Middle East! Every detail has been attended to so that players can immerse themselves in brutal wars, military strategy, flirtatious romance, empire management, political intrigue, and more! Key Features: - Become a Sultan – Experience an empire at your command! - Assemble your harem – Romance beautiful and influential queens! - Recruit warlords – Rally a fiersome council of historical viziers! - Raise a family – Lovingly raise your children from childbirth to young adults! - Join PvP – Marshal your armies against other players worldwide! - Forge alliances – Make friends and enemies, join the good fight! - Turkish Coffee – Drink, chat, then listen as the fortuneteller interprets each cup! The Ottoman Empire was a time of great change, remembered for its brutal conquests, romance, creativity, prosperity, wars, rebellions, love, marriage, and great coffee! Follow and like us on Facebook! Facebook: If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us! E-mail: [email protected]



  • Bullying

    By sadness2021
    I have been playing this game now close to two years. The game play itself I do enjoy for the most part. I play on multiple servers. However, we have an issue on one server with cyber bullying that is just beyond inappropriate and multiple people playing on that server has reached out to the devs and all they do is mute these people. This doesn’t help with the hostile play so they come back stronger and meaner. These said players have told other players in game to kill themselves!!!! And are still continuing to do it no matter how much we report. These said player also sexually harass women in the game as well. I am at this point trying to decide if I want to continue playing or to just stop playing and giving them my money. I just wanted other to be aware of this situation in case you are thinking about playing this game to know the full extent of what you may have to deal with. With that being said if you have children this may not be the platform for them.
  • Could be better

    By MustIReallySay
    It’s a unique game with interesting features but lacks in most departments. Specifically to do with money and plotting. #1st problem: MONEY It has the issue of being short-lived in its fun due to the game becoming a pay-to-win type of app. They host events and competitions but you can’t even hope to get in the top ranks unless you put in real money. Pros to the game is that it has cheap packs for a dollar but the cons to this is that other players won’t have an issue putting in that $20 or $50 just to get into the top ranks. This leads to a server of halfassed players instead of actually competitive ones. Like where’s the competition?? Because this sure doesn’t seem like one. If the game is going to do this, then they should at least offer more REASONABLE opportunities for people to obtain the same items as well. Majority of the decent rewards for non-payers are time related achievements or the absurd 3M+ counts before finally receiving some decent rewards. I wouldn’t really have an issue for this if it wasn’t for the fact that it beats the purpose of those time-limited events, which again brings things back to that idea of how this is a pay-to-win game. #2nd problem: HEIRS Nearly all of the ads I’ve seen for this game had been about picking out your next consort and creating an heir. So how is it that they’re going to make this the most underdeveloped section?? When an heir is made, all you can do during their development stage is speed up their growth process as a baby all the way up to their teen years. Sure, it’s a nice surprise to see what they look like once they step into a new stage, but it gets repetitive and boring when there’s nothing else to do. The worst thing is that once they’re an adult, the only purpose they have now is to be married off. You can’t build up their skills, pass down thrones, extend kingdoms and power or even have grandchildren. There’s so much lost potential in this especially with the idea of interacting more with the heirs like getting a story event or again, passing down the throne to them after building their score high enough. I’d love the idea of having generations too. 3rd problem: PLOT The plot for this game is SERIOUSLY underdeveloped. I’m not sure how it works for the males, but to become a *sultana, the game gives us this story that the older brother was killed off during hunting and that the dad is on his death bed. It’s then heavily implied that the hunt was a cover up of his real death and to avoid that, a huge fire is spread amongst the kingdom on the day of our coronation with shadow people whispering amongst themselves about ‘dealing with the evidence’. There’s be nothing wrong with this had they actually kept up with this plot. Instead, immediately afterward, the death for both of them is forgotten and players only get this flimsy choice to make in picking between which vizier was guilty. And to top it off? Your choice didn’t matter anyway bcus the vizier you voted against ends up coming back anyway with no mention of before. Another thing I’d mention is that there are many errors when playing as a female character. One thing has to be that after the heirs become adults, they refer to you as ‘father’ instead of mother and when playing as sultana during the war campaigns, no one else mentions of your gender besides that first story event with the hunting incident. It could be argued that they’re just playing it off as a non sexist reign but considering that the NPC’s don’t even change the wording to sultana afterwards, this leads me to think otherwise. This review has already gotten so long and I STILL have many issues to point out but I believe that these had to be the top three
  • Its a fun game but...

    By #Fashion
    its a fun game but I'm playing as a girl and want a boy harem. But now i have a girl harem and somehow got an heir from her! so that means I can't play as a girl and it looks like there's no option to do that. FIX THE GAME!!!!!!!!
  • .

    By Thereal.Fatou
    I didn’t actually get to play the game yet and It disturbing how the only characters they have are all white . It’s 2021! Black people should be able to pick black characters too. But other than that the game looks cool , can’t wait to try it ( When there are black characters)

    By legendarySkinnyIcon
    its really annoying this game has nothing but light white skintones theyre can be brown and black kings and queens this is a fantasy game its no reason all the characters should be white its really sad in 2020

    By Ang3lC
    I played this game for over 2 years, in that time I saw the game develop into a somewhat decent game, I made lots of friends from all over & enjoyed playing the game. Then eventually the game started becoming more pay to play, people started quitting, servers started dying. The devs don’t listen to the players they only care about how they can make more $$, like charging $300 for a special outfit. Overtime as servers slowly die the devs stopped caring about how they can keep the players instead they keep trying to make more $$ & create more servers which die faster than the existing servers. So find a similar game & go play it but don’t waste your time or $$ on this one.
  • Ads are fake

    By Iggymorrison
    The game ad play isn’t the same as the game
  • False and Crazy Advertising

    By Kitcat1343
    This game is a regular palace strategy game, it is not terrible but what is with the marketing! It’s crazy and the photos of the game aren’t actually the game itself. Not a bad game only gets one star for the weird and misleading advertising campaign.
  • Adding a new way to sign in

    By raeraecat1
    Hi I love the game. Would you please add a way to sign into your app Through google for iPhones and iPads. With the climate of Facebook banning people for every little thing it makes hard for those that originally played the game on android to port our games to our iPhones. Because we can’t sign in thru google on an iPhone and can no longer use Facebook. Thank you.
  • Terrible support

    By Annita Bonita1581
    So, I’ve been playing the game for about a month, spent on it over 50$ until during the daggers event I took the 5th place and received rewards for the 6th place. I saved the screenshot and shared it with the support. In spite of the proof they just brushed it off and did not send any compensation. I think for the amount of the money this game costs the level of support if very poor. I would not recommend this game to anyone and will be deleting it from my phone.