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  • Used to be good

    By Bad trash game
    Now there’s too many ads. You’ve lost me ✌️
  • Great game

    By boomcat2.0
    This game is amazing and relaxing. But it just has ads and it is to much ads in my opinion. Other than that great game.
  • fun at first but…

    By ZedrinDaShadowCatGamer
    so this game is just like all of the other merge games. barely any ads at first, easy to play, fun when you have nothing to do. it’s simple and entertaining, but it gets irritating after a while. the farther you progress in the game, the more ads you get. i set a timer for 5 minutes and counted how many ads i got within those minutes. in the end, there were 6 ads. that’s one ad per minute + 1 right after another. it’s even more irritating because the ads aren’t exactly random. if you leave your phone on this game without touching it once, you won’t get any ads because the ads automatically play whenever you press a button. literally every single time i press the shop button, an ad plays. it’s so frustrating and completely defeats the purpose of the quick, entertaining game that you initially download it for. also, this game takes up a stupid amount of space. it’s fun if you play it while doing something else, but ultimately horrible when you just want to sit down and play an easy game. 3 stars because it’s kinda fun and i like the colors, but oh my god, you don’t need to advertise dragon merge this much.
  • Great GAME

    By izywella
    Great game 10 out of 10
  • heats my phone up fast

    By so_sh00kk
    this is a pretty fun game no problems except for the ads every time you open the shop but it heats my phone up so fast. i have had this game for a while now and i also had the same problem on my last phone. i had an iphone 11 pro max and now i have upgraded to the 14 pro max and i still have this problem. other than that its a cool game but my phone gets heated fast
  • ads

    By jhgghjhn
    too many ads
  • Won’t load anymore!

    By MoonScryer
    I love this game, but it will no longer load (and yes, I have plenty of available memory). I see that there were bug improvements 3 weeks ago, so I was hopeful it would load again, but it doesn’t. I don’t really want to have to delete and reinstall and lose my progress, so I’m hoping I get a response to this review telling me some other way to fix this glitch. It’ll get a 5 star review if it’ll load and I don’t lose my progress!
  • Too much ads

    By fortnite is a mean mom
    The game is sorta fun and addicting but it becomes really annoying when you get ads literally every thirty seconds. Not too mention that the ads are 30+ seconds.
  • Amazing game

    By bell1234❤️
    I have had no problems with this app and play all of the time.I don’t get how some people have problems with it.but I know I love it!!!
  • Please add this

    By mr super guy
    So I want a whole new section of the shop so you can upgrade your boxes to make drop better gems it will help a lot and make the game way easier this isn’t a complaint I love the game I just really think this would be a cool future to add to the game